Blossom Forecast

Our blossom report will be update once a week with all the details of how the bloom is developing in the orchards. Keep an eye out on this page for you weekly blossom forecast.

Blossom Report – 02/05/18

Keep your eye peeled of our blossom report updates, once a week our blossom watchers explore the orchards and keep you updated on all the blossom. Although the cold & snow put all of the blossom behind the past weeks sunshine really brought the blossom out, with many of the tree bursting into life and playing catch up and now with the very windy & rainy weather of this week a lot of the blossom has finished, fallen off the trees and done its job.

 Our blossom watchers have been out in the orchards.

About 80% of the apple trees are in full beautiful bloom with some of the early varieties at the petal fall stage, and falling form the tees having done there job.

Ornamental Cherries
Some blossom is still in full beautiful bloom and looking spectacular, but many of the trees flower petals are now falling and coming off the trees.

Crab Apples
Now at full bloom and looking stunning, a sight not to be missed. Some of the trees are at the petal fall stage with the blossom now gone form the trees

Blossom virtually finished and fallen form the trees, with a few individual trees still in full bloom. Some trees have a few fruitlet (early stage fruit) forming in place of the blossom.

The blossom has now finished in a few of the varieties, a small number of the cherry tree varieties are still hanging onto their blossom.

The plum blossom has now complexly finished, the blossom has done its job and fallen from the tree.

The blossom buds are opening and should be in flower for the Bank Holiday Weekend if we have a bit more sunshine

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