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Crucial Bees Conservation and Education Project

A new and innovative Bees conservation and education project is being introduced at Brogdale Collections, to prevent the decline of this very important species of wildlife.

Conservation of bees is vital as between 1985 to 2005 there was a 54% reduction in bee hives and therefore a significant decline of bee pollinator populations which threaten food security, biodiversity and degradation of ecosystems, which has drastic consequences for humanity and the natural world.

Education will also feature prominently, which will inform the public about the importance of bees, threats to their existence and the negative impacts upon humankind. With key partner ‘Rural Courses’ the Charity plans to implement activities and provide practical information and advice about how people can make a practical difference to bees conservation in the local area.

The project has been funded very generously by Kent-based Orchard Community Energy via their Community Fund.

Sara Smile, Operations Manager at Brogdale Collections said: ‘The bees conservation and education project is an exciting opportunity to conserve this vital species and raise awareness of their importance to the public. With the help of the funding we received we will be able to start this vital project and we are seeking further funding from organisations so that we can maintain and expand it. For more information about the project or to find out about supporting it, please contact us on 01795 536250’.

To sponsor a hive the cost is £350 per year. You will be included in our promotion of the project, invited to visit Brogdale and view the hives. Eventually, we will be able to share honey with you.

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