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Brogdale Honey now available

The five hives at Brogdale are doing extraordinarily well and we have made 20lbs of Brogdale Honey, now available from our shop in the Brogdale marketplace!

Having arrived as nuclei (small bee colonies) in early April, all of the colonies have built rapidly – despite the variable weather – and we have even extracted our first honey. Although the harvest was not huge, it was important to extract what we could, as the bees had been foraging on oil seed rape, the honey from which crystallizes in the combs very fast.

First deliveries of honey will soon be going to our sponsor The Elephant Pub, Faversham. If you’re interested in sponsoring a hive, please go to our sponsorship page.

The recent wet weather has checked growth in the hives, but they are in excellent health and responding well to the rise in temperature. The bees have moved onto new forage (flowers) which can be seen in the pollen collected. Some of it is a beautiful mauve colour, which may have been gathered from red dead nettles.

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