Garden for Wildlife – officially open!

Brogdale’s Garden for Wildlife was officially opened at Cherry fair by Emma Landsell from the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, who said:

‘Brogdale volunteers have done a fantastic job in creating such a great range of features and habitats – I recorded 4 bumblebee species  in short space of time, so the pollinators are definitely benefiting and it’s a great example of what can be achieved in a modest space. I’m sure it will inspire people to try to replicate similar habitats in their own gardens.’

Our head volunteer Mark Downham has reported seeing dragonflies, a newt, a leopard slug and a Comma butterfly – and we look forward to searching out much more wildlife over the years to come with our schools and visitors!

Many thanks to all of our volunteers for their hard work in making the Garden for Wildlife come to life. 

The National Fruit Collection is one of the largest fruit collections in the world and is located at Brogdale Farm, near Faversham, Kent.

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