large tree pruning

Large tree pruning course

One of the many enquiries we get at Brogdale is how to prune a traditional large fruit tree. Have you tried your best and not achieved the result you expected? Has someone pruned the tree for you and made a hash of it? Have you moved into a new property and have no idea what to do?

If your interest is piqued then come along to Brogdale Collections on Saturday 8th February to see a unique demonstration of large tree pruning. You’ll be shown what can be achieved and how a tree can be brought under control by the right actions. The tree to be pruned is a vigorous Bramley that has not been touched for the last six years with out-of-control water shoots and too many major branches. Discuss in advance of pruning the major cuts and, take before and after pictures of what is done. Bring photographs or video of your own trees or tree and receive individual advice on what to do with them.

The tutor is John Easton who has many years of pruning experience. He is the regular tutor on the popular and constantly filled pruning courses at Brogdale. The day follows the normal informal session of pruning courses and is suitable for those requiring assistance and advice on their trees whether new or experienced pruners.

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