Brogdale Seeks Cherry-Aid

Brogdale Collections, has acres of orchards, many bursting with ripe cherries, and it’s asking for help in finding them all a home.

Like many local attractions, Brogdale has been hit hard by lockdown and forced to cancel several events.  This has affected the Charity in terms of income and has also impacted their ability to sell their cherries to the public.

To address this, the Charity is selling cherries at the Tiddly Pomme shop in Brogdale Marketplace and is calling for local residents, shoppers and businesses to support their charity, shop local and buy their cherries from Brogdale.

Sara Smile, Operations Manager at Brogdale Collections, says: “People absolutely love cherries and this season is usually hugely popular at Brogdale. Unfortunately, we’ve had to cancel our Cherry Fair in July which is when we would have sold much of our fruit. So we’re saying to people, please don’t buy cherries shipped to a supermarket from miles away when there are delicious, beautifully fresh cherries on your doorstep.  Also, by supporting us people enjoy fabulous cherries and help ensure the survival of this precious local charity.”

As custodian of the nation’s fruit collections, Brogdale is home to over 300 types of cherry trees and Tiddly Pomme is selling different varieties as they ripen through the season. At the moment they have the wonderful early variety called Merchant.

The cherry orchards at Brogdale are particularly beautiful this time of year – laden with cherries and bursting with wildlife.  Visitors can currently book themselves onto a self-guided walk which takes them on a trail through the orchards.  These need to be reserved in advance and details on how to book can be found on Brogdale’s website

The National Fruit Collection is one of the largest fruit collections in the world and is located at Brogdale Farm, near Faversham, Kent.

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