Plant a Pip

Plant a pip and grow a tree

Brogdale’s ‘Grow a Pip’ lockdown project – why not give it a grow?!

We’ve come up with a great idea to give the kids something to do whilst they are stuck at home.  They could have a go at growing their own apple pip into a tree.

At Brogdale Collections, one of our key areas of work is to educate youngsters (and all age groups!) on how things grow and teach them all about fruit.  So this Plant a Pip initiative is right up our street and a fabulous way for children to experience the joy of growing.

We hope that by end of this project, the nation’s gardens will be full of beautiful little apple trees to be enjoyed over the years.  Something positive to mark a difficult time for so many people.

Instructions – PDF

About apples:

In spring the trees make their blossom, then the bees come and pollinate them and from then with the help of the sun, rain and goodness from the earth, the blossom grows into apples. Apples are delicious. They come in all different sizes, shapes, colours and flavours.

We have over 2,000 varieties of apple tree at  Brogdale Collections!

To grow a tree from your pip, you will need:

– An apple
– Compost/soil
– Loo roll inside or pot
– Paper towel
– Plastic bag

Step 1 – February

First eat your apple but not the pips!

Dry all the pips out on a paper towel in a warm place.

Then make the paper towel damp, put it inside a sandwich bag at the back of the fridge, leaving it open just a little to let the air in and leave until you see the seeds crack and a root appear.

Check on the towel every week or so to make sure it’s moist. It will take about 6 weeks.

Step 2 – March

At the end of 6 weeks, some of the seeds may have started to sprout already.

After a minimum of 6 weeks in a moist paper towel in the fridge, you can plant apple seeds just as you would any other seed. Best to start them off in a pot. They need light and to be kept warm and damp.

Then carefully plant the seed inside an empty toilet roll filled with compost or soil 5 cm under the top surface.

Put it is a warm, sunny spot. Keep it watered and watch it grow.

Throughout the year:

We will continue with monthly updates and advice on how to help your apple tree thrive and grow.

We will also be encouraging you to share your efforts with us on social media.  We’d love to see how everybody’s little apple trees are progressing.

So please stay tuned for further announcements.

Have fun and happy growing!

If you work in education and would like to contact Brogdale’s Education Officer Debi Adams about this initiative (or other ways Brogdale Collections can support your education activities) – please email Debi on

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