Identify Your Apple Tree

Do you have an unidentified apple tree?

Apple Tree Identification service from Brogdale. Autumn is the perfect time to seek help in identifying your apple tree.  Many people have apple trees in their garden which may have lost their name tags and their names are forgotten. However, understanding the variety of an apple is incredibly helpful when deciding how to care for your tree.

How Brogdale can help

For anyone in this situation – Brogdale Collection’s Fruit ID service could be the answer. As home to the National Fruit Collections – the largest collection of temperate fruit in the world including over 2,200 varieties of apple – Brogdale is well placed to carry out fruit identification. 

How does it work?

The service is easy to use.  Customers simply send fruit and shoot samples to Brogdale with a £25 fee and eminent pomologist Dr Joan Morgan with the help of Jim Arbury from the RHS will endeavour to identify the apple variety.

Further information

For more details visit this page on our website.

The National Fruit Collection is one of the largest fruit collections in the world and is located at Brogdale Farm, near Faversham, Kent.

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