Brogdale Collections has been buzzing with activity this month with hundreds of volunteers and fruit gleaners helping save the apple harvest at Brogdale.

Why Brogdale Collections needed help

Gleaners and voluntary pickers from around the south east answered the Charity’s call for help to make sure the Collection’s beautiful apples, pears and quince didn’t go to waste.  As the impact of Covid 19 reduced the Charity’s income by over 80%, a successful fruit harvest was critical for its survival. Many varieties were picked to sell locally at stores that have long supported Brogdale. These included Macknade Fine Foods, Tiddly Pomme at Brogdale and the Sondes General Stores at Selling. These sales help raise essential funds for Brogdale Collections to continue their education program.  Other fruit was gleaned by food banks and delivered to hungry families that need them.

Our heroes!

Organisations who supported Brogdale Collections with harvesting include The Felix Project (which feeds vulnerable people in London with surplus food); students from Canterbury College; staff from the National Grid as well as Brogdale’s own team of regular volunteers.

Thank you from Brogdale

Sara Smile, Operations Manager at Brogdale Collections, says. “The Charity is now responsible for managing many of the heritage orchards at Brogdale Farm. We rely on the support of volunteers and gleaners to help us pick all our wonderful fruit.  It’s great that charities support each other to achieve positive results. Volunteers helped us pick for customer orders then an amazing three tonnes of our fruit was picked for Felix to distribute for free.  In addition, their work has helped prevent fabulous fresh, heritage fruit going to waste.  We are hugely grateful for their efforts.”

Organisations interested in working with Brogdale Collections on similar initiatives throughout the year should email office@brogdalecollections.org.

Further information

For information on how to volunteer for Brogdale Collections, check out our website page here.

For more information about The Felix Project which supplies people in London with surplus food – take a look at their website.

The National Fruit Collection is one of the largest fruit collections in the world and is located at Brogdale Farm, near Faversham, Kent.

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