Group tours at the largest fruit collection in the world!

Orchard group tours in Kent

If you’re organising a group tour for people who are interested in spending time outdoors and enjoy gardening, horticulture and nature – then the orchard tours at Brogdale in Kent are the perfect answer!

Brogdale Collections in Faversham helps provide access to and education about the National Fruit Collection. Set in over 150 acres of farmland, we have over 4000 varieties of fruit trees here from apples, pears, quinces and plums to cherries and more. The Collections’ orchards are a living history and heritage of fruit.

“In spring, Brogdale has one of the best blossom displays in the country,”

Whatever the time of year, the orchards are always a beautiful and fascinating place to visit. Because of this, Brogdale is perfect for group tours throughout the seasons.  For instance, in spring, Brogdale has one of the best blossom displays in the country, with thousands of fruit trees bursting into flower. Throughout the rest of the summer and autumn, there always spectacular displays of fruit including cherries, plums, apples and pears.

Experienced guides

A great reason to bring your group tour to Brogdale is to meet our team of experienced and knowledgeable guides. They do a terrific job of explaining the world of fruit tree growing and therefore help visitors understand the trees and their fruit and the process by which they are grown. As a result, they bring the world of growing fruit trees to life and are able to answer all your queries and questions.

Tractor tours

Tractor tours

“A great way to travel through the orchards and enjoy a running commentary.”

One of the best ways to enjoy the orchards (and perfect for those who may struggle with a longer walk) are our very popular tractor tours.  They are a great way to travel through the orchards and at the same time enjoy a running commentary from one of our fabulous guides.

Cream tea treat

What better way to top off a trip to the Garden of England than to enjoy a delicious cream tea?  These are served in the lovely Courtyard at Brogdale café which has plenty of outdoor seating in Brogdale’s Marketplace for people to enjoy their meals.

Excellent facilities

Most of the site at Brogdale is accessible to all visitors. Wheelchairs are suitable on the guided tours and we have an allocated wheelchair space on our tractor trailer. We have two off road mobility chairs (not motorised) that can be hired to use on the route. We recommend booking these in advance. Please contact us should you have any concerns or questions.

Brogdale is a great location for a group visit. It has excellent facilities including easy parking, shops and toilets and the popular Courtyard at Brogdale Café which serves breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea.

Guided Tours

Tractor Trailer: 1 Hour (approx)
On arrival you will be greeted by one of the Brogdale team and introduced to your private tour guide and our fantastic tractor driver. Your private guide will then offer a running commentary on your journey around the National Fruit Collection. Each collection offers unique varieties with interesting facts, stories and history to discover.

Walking: 1 hour 10 min (approx.)
A knowledgeable guide will welcome visitors to Brogdale and introduce them to the National Fruit Collection. Visitors will enjoy a fascinating tour of the orchards on foot. If you visit during a fruit harvesting season, then your tour guide will select the best of the crop for you to try during your visit.

Taste of Brogdale’s Tractor Tours

Check out our short video on You Tube using the button below to experience a short taster of one of our fabulous tractor tuors.

Visit Faversham

Brogdale is located in the heart of the Garden of England. It’s a beautiful spot and in addition to the tours at Brogdale Farm, nearby Faversham is also a lovely place to visit.  This medieval, creekside market town is packed full of historic houses, independent shops and lovely places to eat and drink.

Free parking is also available.

More information

If you’d like further information, or to download a booking form, check out website page here.

The National Fruit Collection is one of the largest fruit collections in the world and is located at Brogdale Farm, near Faversham, Kent.

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