cherry blossom

Cherry blossom – how to see it.

When is the best time to see the blossom at Brogdale ?

At Brogdale, we love sharing the beauty of nature with our visitors and all the wonderful sights, sounds, tastes and smells it has to offer.

The blossoming of all the fruit trees, and especially the cherry trees is one of the most visually stunning highlights at our farm and a wonderful photo opportunity.
So it’s understandable that as spring approaches, we get a lot of enquiries for the ‘best time’ to capture this special event…but we can never give an easy answer.

But, wait, we’re not being mean!

While we’d love to reserve a slot when you’re guaranteed to see the blossom at it’s best, there are a number of reasons why it’s just not possible. And the last thing we’d want is for you to plan too far in advance, only to be disappointed.

Here’s why we can’t guarantee blossom displays – as well as some tips for improving your chances of seeing these trees at their prettiest:

  1. Mother Nature can’t be diarised!
    The cherry trees blossom in the spring, usually sometime in March to May. However, the changing climate means it’s impossible to predict when this event will occur each year. If we suggested a date too far in advance, it would be pure guesswork!
  2. We can’t predict how long it will last
    The blossom can last anywhere from between one to six weeks. Again, unfortunately, we have no way of telling what the duration will be in any given year.
  3. Frost can kill the blossom
    Not only does the weather affect the rate of growth and the quantity of flowers, but an unexpected frost can kill the blossom pretty quickly. The UK is becoming accustomed to unseasonable weather and a short, sharp icy blast can mean the blossom is quite literally here today and gone tomorrow!
  4. It might be a spraying day
    Our trees are sprayed with chemicals that are essential for keeping the plants healthy. Health and safety of our visitors is our prime concern and while we choose sprays that meet the highest safety standards, we do not allow visitors near the trees during spraying. Again, weather dictates this activity. We cannot spray on a rainy day, but we liaise every morning with the farm team to ensure we have safe routes planned every day.
  5. Our blossom forecast is here to help!
    We want to give you as much chance as possible to see our beautiful trees in blossom. So, every week, our blossom watchers explore the orchards and report any activity on our dedicated Blossom Forecast Page.
    By keeping an eye on this page and the weather forecast, you’ll be able to pinpoint the days when you are most likely to see the blossom in action. If you’re an Orchard Pass holder, simply book, grab your camera and pay us a visit – you might even be lucky enough to capture the perfect cherry blossom day!

As well as the blossom display, there’s lots more to enjoy at Brogdale – why not check out our events page to see what else is going on throughout the year?

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