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Delicious Plum Drink Recipe

Plum & Cardamom Liqueur or Non Alcoholic Shrub Drink


We love plums! They are in season now and really easy to work with. Here’s a delicious Summer drink recipe courtesy of our friends at Wasted Kitchen. They won 2 Great Taste Stars for it so it is tried and tested (and delicious!).

Plum & Cardamom Liqueur or Non Alcoholic Shrub Drink.
500g Plums Any type but as ripe and sweet as possible. We used to use mainly Opal or Victoria.
1L Brandy (you could use vodka instead)
100g Demerara Sugar
Three cardamom pods
Split plums in half and leave the stone in
• Pop them into a large, clean jar (one that will fit all the ingredients and has a secure lid – kilners are great but a couple of large jam jars or juice bottle will work)
• Pop the sugar in and pour the brandy on top
• Put the lid on securely and give it a shake then leave it in a dark cupboard for at least four weeks (and up to six months) giving it a shake every few days until all the sugar has dissolved
• Try it after four weeks and see if you like it – it will get richer the longer you leave it. We work on five months
• Strain the liqueur off of the fruit. Pop it back into the jar then crush the cardamom pods with the end of a rolling pin and pop into the liqueur and leave overnight. Try again. It doesn’t take long for the cardamom to infuse so it should be ready to go. Once it is to your liking strain the cardamom off.
Tip: if you leave the cardamom in for too long it can give it a really strong flavour which is a bit soap like – so remember to take it out!
• If it’s not sweet enough for you add more sugar and wait for it to dissolve. 100g (or 10%) is low compared to most commercial liqueurs which have up to 30% sugar – but that’s how we like it!
• Then put it in a nice bottle and enjoy or gift to friends. Do it now and it will be ready for Christmas.
Want to make it non alcoholic?  Swap the brandy or vodka for apple cider vinegar and make a Shrub. Serve in cocktails or on ice with soda or tonic water. 

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