Autumn Spiced Apple Porridge

Autumn Spiced Apple Porridge

A delicious way to start your day as the weather draws in!

Ingredients per portion

1 regular sized eating apple – soft or bruised apples are fine here and a great way to use them up!

80g oats – we like jumbo oats because they are super creamy but any will work

160ml milk or water – we use oat milk

Ground cinnamon

Optional – sultanas, nuts, maple syrup/ honey


Grate your apple into a saucepan

Add your oats, liquid, a pinch of ground cinnamon and sultanas.

Stir and cook on a low heat 

Empty into a bowl and top with maple syrup or honey, extra apple, a sprinkle of cinnamon and nuts if you are using them.  

The apple makes the porridge quite sweet so you may not need the maple syrup or honey!


Recipe courtesy of our friends at Wasted Kitchen.

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