Cherry Blossom

Best Time for Blossom

Looking to witness the breathtaking blossom at Brogdale?


We share your enthusiasm for nature’s splendour. The blossoming fruit trees, especially the cherries, create an enchanting spectacle, perfect for capturing unforgettable moments. As spring approaches, inquiries flood in about the ideal time to behold this natural marvel.


Understandably, everyone seeks the perfect moment, but alas, we can’t offer a straightforward answer. However, fear not, we’re not withholding information arbitrarily. Allow us to shed light on why pinpointing the blossom’s peak is as elusive as catching a spring breeze.


  1. Mother Nature’s Schedule: The cherry trees typically bloom between March and May, but with climate fluctuations, predicting the exact timing is like trying to forecast the wind. It’s a dance orchestrated by nature, and she doesn’t adhere to calendars.
  2. Duration Dilemma: Blossoms grace us for a fleeting period, lasting anywhere from one to six weeks. Unfortunately, the duration varies unpredictably each year.
  3. Frost Fears: Nature’s whims aren’t always kind. A sudden frost can swiftly extinguish the delicate blooms, turning their beauty into a memory. Climate unpredictability is our perpetual challenge.
  4. Spraying Safeguards: Our commitment to tree health includes periodic spraying, crucial for their well-being. However, safety protocols demand keeping visitors at bay during these sessions. Weather dictates our spraying schedule, ensuring both tree vitality and visitor welfare.
  5. Blossom Forecast Assistance: Fear not, for we offer a beacon of hope amidst uncertainty! Our dedicated blossom forecast page, updated weekly, offers insights from our vigilant blossom watchers. Combined with weather forecasts, it’s your best bet for timing your visit. Orchard Pass holders can secure a picnic slot and relish the chance to capture nature’s poetry up close.

While the blossom steals the spotlight, Brogdale offers events and experiences year-round. Explore our events page to discover what we have planned for 2024. 


So, while we can’t promise a specific date with the blossoms, we invite you to embrace the spontaneity of nature’s theatre, knowing that every moment spent amidst our orchards is a brushstroke in a masterpiece painted by the seasons.

Blossom Orchard

The National Fruit Collection is one of the largest fruit collections in the world and is located at Brogdale Farm, near Faversham, Kent.

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