Brogdale Blossom Report

Our blossom forecast will be updated once a week.

Follow us for all the details of how the bloom is developing in the orchards. Keep an eye out on this page for your weekly blossom forecast.

Once a week our blossom watchers explore the orchards and keep you updated on the progress of our blossom. Although the cold & snow can put all of the blossom behind with hope a few weeks of sunshine really bring the blossom out, with many of the trees bursting into life. Sadly with windy & rainy weather a lot of the blossom will finish and fall off the trees with its job for the year done.

Blossom update 28th April 2022:

The warm weather over Easter has our orchards bursting out with blossom. Now it is cooler the blossom is only very slowly going over so our trees are still putting on a wonderful display.

Most of the apples are now in full bloom and although a few have gone over some are still to come.

The cherries are just beginning to go over but there is still plenty left on the trees.

The ornamental crab apple collection is full of colour in both flowers and foliage and some of the bigger crab apple trees on the main drive are spectacular. 

Saving the best for last, the quince. They have larger, pale pink flowers which set against the grey/green of the new foliage looks awesome.

If the sun is out stand with your back to the sun to look at the trees. The flowers turn towards the sun (and you) so they look even better.

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