Brogdale Blossom Report

Look out for more blossom updates in 2024!

Follow us for all the details of how the bloom is developing in the orchards. 

Our blossom watchers regularly explore the orchards and keep you updated on the progress of our blossom. Although the cold & snow can put all of the blossom behind with hope a few weeks of sunshine really bring the blossom out, with many of the trees bursting into life. Sadly with windy & rainy weather a lot of the blossom will finish and fall off the trees with its job for the year done.



Wc 6th May 

This week sees the last of blossom for 2024.  A few trees still have flowers but we are now seeing early signs of fruit!



Wc 29th April

Plenty of flower still present in the apple orchards.

Quince & Crab Apple – early petal fall, still flower present on some varieties.

Apple – Plenty of flower on mid/ late season varieties.

Cherries – Flowering now finished.

Pears  – Flowering has now finished. 

Plums –  Flowering has now finished. 

Wc 22nd April

Crab apple, apples and quince are now flowering.

Quince – Full flower.

Apple – Early varieties at petal fall, but most varieties are now at full flower.

Cherries – all varieties at petal fall

Pears  – Flowering has now finished. 

Plums –  Flowering has now finished. 

Wc 15th April

Cherry and Crab Apple  still in full flower with more apple blossom appearing. 

Quince – Starting to flower, full flower 3-4 days time.

Apple – More varieties in flower, full flower in 5 -7 days time.

Pears  – Flowering has now finished. 

Plums –  Flowering has now finished. 

Wc 8th April

Cherry and Crab Apple  have the best display of blossom this week .

Quince – White bud, flower in 4-5 days time

Apple – Early varieties in full flower , but in general majority of varieties at pink bud,  collection will be in full flower in 7 days time

Pears  – Flowering is mostly finished, although some of the later varieties are still in full flower.

Plums –  Flowering is now over and most trees are at petal fall


Wc 1st April

Plum and pear collection showing most blossom this week.

Crab apples continue to blossom and with so many varieties there is plenty more to come.

Quince – Early buds showing on the quince this week.

Cherries are just showing signs of buds but will be a bit longer until in bloom.

Apples – buds developing but still a few more in the weeks to come.


Wc 25th March – 

Plums – Full flower, early plums at petal fall

Pears – Early/full flower

Cherries – Green bud, flowering in 7-10 days time

Apples – Green cluster, flowering in 14 days time

Quince/Perry pears – White bud, flowering in 7 days time

Wc 18th March – 

With warm weather continuing this week (17 degrees on Wednesday 20th) fruit bud is moving rapidly;

Plums – Early plums are now in full flower, with later plums at white bud/early flower 

Pears – White bud/early flower, full flower in 7-10 days time.

Cherries – Bud break, flowering approx 14 days away

Apples – Bud burst/mouse ear, flowering approx 2-3 weeks

Quince/Perry pears – Green bud, flowering approx 14 days

wc 11th March – A few of the early season plums have already started to flower. We expect plums to be in full flower during the first week of April. Fruit bud development is currently 12 days ahead of 2023.

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