Autumn Spiced Apple Porridge

Autumn Spiced Apple Porridge

A delicious way to start your day as the weather draws in! Ingredients per portion 1 regular sized eating apple – soft or bruised apples are fine here and a great way to use them up! 80g oats – we like jumbo oats because they are super creamy but any will work 160ml milk or […]

Apple Frangipane

Caramelised Apple & Frangipane Tart

You can’t beat a good apple tart, and with so many apples in season, here’s a quick and easy to make recipe courtesy of Wasted Kitchen. The caramelised apple pairs beautifully with the almonds and pastry. Tart heaven! Frangipane Ingredients 75g unsalted butter 90g caster sugar 80g ground almonds 2 egg yolks Half teaspoon vanilla extract Caramelised Apple Three regular sized eating apples […]

Apples in crate

Identify Your Apple & Pear Tree

Do you have an unidentified apple tree? Apple Tree Identification service from Brogdale resumes mid August. End of Summer/Autumn is the perfect time to seek help in identifying your apple or pear tree.  Many people have apple trees in their garden which may have lost their name tags and their names are forgotten. However, understanding […]

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Brogdale’s Season Guide

Discover The National Fruit Collection with our season’s guide to see when you might want to visit.. You can also download a pdf version by clicking here.  Blossom The Blossom display at Brogdale is like no other, with different varieties and fruits blooming between March and May with colours from bright white to fuscia pink, […]

Corporate Days Out

Pick, prune, and plant your way to a socially responsible Corporate Day! Home to the National Fruit Collections, charity Brogdale Collections is encouraging businesses to do their bit for the local community, farming heritage, and environment with an outdoor volunteering day at its Faversham farm. A perfect corporate day out! What can we do on […]

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Harvesting and storing apples

The length of time an apple will store depends on variety and conditions of storage. If storing at home just remember that fruit of all types hate central heating. A cellar, garage or garden shed will be a more suitable site provided they are mouse free. They need a cool, dry, dark place. The apples […]

Why do we graft?

Why do we graft? If you are lucky enough to germinate and nurture a fruit tree seed you cannot be sure what variety it will become. There are only two ways of ensuring that a variety of fruit can be truly replicated. One is to take a cutting (called a graft) and plant it in […]

The National Fruit Collection is one of the largest fruit collections in the world and is located at Brogdale Farm, near Faversham, Kent.

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