FORAGING IN THE KENTISH COUNTRYSIDE With Brogdale Collections By Freya Rix “I came away from the walk excited to forage and cook up my own finds.” Foraging with Brogdale Collections On a brisk October morning, I met a chirpy group of fellow foragers in a pub in the countryside near Faversham for a foraging walk […]


AUTUMN – A BEAUTIFUL TIME TO VISIT ENGLAND’S MOST UNIQUE ORCHARDS Tucked away in the corner of the Garden of England lies Brogdale Collections, home to the National Fruit Collection – the world’s largest collection of temperate fruits. Autumn is a wonderful time to visit the orchards which contains thousands of apple trees positively bursting […]


In our latest blog, one visitor tells us of their experience at August’s Heritage Orchard Day, and why they’ll be coming back for more… I came to the Heritage Orchard Day in August with my partner, parents, sister and brother-in-law. After experiencing much of this year in lockdown we were really looking forward to spending […]

Moist Apple Crumble Cake from Wasted Kitchen

Wasted Recipe – Moist Apple Crumble Cake By Katy Newton from Mighty Fine Things and Wasted Kitchen –  September 12, 2020 This Recipe is based on our lovely Lee’s Mum’s Apple Cake with some inspiration from Anja Dunk’s Speedy Apple Cake (check out her recipe book – Noodles, Dumplings & Strudel) and a Wasted Kitchen […]


FRUITY SILVER LINING FOR LOCAL FRUIT-LOVERS One of the unexpected side-effects of the lockdown for Brogdale Collections has been the problem of finding a home for tonnes of rare and delicious heritage fruits. There are acres of heritage orchards at Brogdale, which grow fruit especially for Brogdale’s events – such as the Cherry Fair, Pear […]

Wildlife Garden July Update With Lockdown easing in the wildlife garden we havebeen returning to our volunteer workdays only to be greeted by some very persistent perennial ‘flowers in the wrong place’, including Bristly Ox tongue and Ground Elder. Whilst tackling these will be an ongoing task, we are able to begin to enjoy our […]

Summer wildlife update from Brogdale Collections

On spotting an aquatic fly with long legs,  golden/green metallic coloured body and white-tipped wings at Brogdale’s recently completed wildlife pond –  research quickly helped me identify it was a Semaphore Fly Poecilobothrus nobilitatus.  The pond is host to several of these flies, although sadly not YET the damselflies I had hoped for. The male Semaphore […]

Brogdale Seeks Cherry-Aid

Brogdale Collections, has acres of orchards, many bursting with ripe cherries, and it’s asking for help in finding them all a home. Like many local attractions, Brogdale has been hit hard by lockdown and forced to cancel several events.  This has affected the Charity in terms of income and has also impacted their ability to […]

Gardening hints and tips for June

Gardening Hints and Tips for June By Brogdale’s Sirplantalot! Apples will naturally thin their crop in early June – the ’June Drop’. After this they should be thinned by hand to one or two fruits per cluster.  This helps to get even sized healthy fruit and can avoid biennial bearing with a heavy crop one […]

Birds and butterflies of Brogdale

Birds and butterflies of Brogdale By Mike Roser, Guide at Brogdale Collections – Butterfly below is a A Painted Lady – a migrant from the Mediterranean region and North Africa. With most of our spring migrant birds now in, and with prime territories already secured by our resident birds, there is an early dawn chorus […]

The National Fruit Collection is one of the largest fruit collections in the world and is located at Brogdale Farm, near Faversham, Kent.

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