Corporate Volunteering Days

Whether you are an organisation looking to arrange one off corporate volunteering days, or you want to inspire your staff to get out and get involved in their local community, we would love your help!  

Brogdale Collections charity, based at Brogdale Farm, offers the ideal location in its 160 acres of orchards for your outdoor volunteering activities.

As a charity providing education and access to the National Fruit Collection, we rely on our heritage fruit and juice sales to fund our objectives.

With our heritage cherry, plum, apple, pear and quince orchards we depend on regular volunteers to maintain and harvest our fruit. All our activities are supported by our own trained and knowledgeable staff.

Your team (minimum 15 people) could join us picking cherries, thinning apples or harvesting quince. 

What are the benefits of offering volunteering to your employees?

Offering volunteering opportunities to your employees is an amazing way to address your organisations commitment to social responsibility. It empowers your staff with new leadership behaviours, has a positive impact on their social and teamwork skills, and can help you change and improve the culture within your organisation.

It will also:

  • Provide your business with a role in making a local social impact
  • Have a positive impact on your organisation’s staff recruitment and retention
  • Improve your organisation’s brand in the local community
  • Provide your staff with new skills including social skills, work-readiness skills as well as improve their motivation 
  • Improve teamwork, leadership skills and enhance empathy in your organisation’s workplace
  • Make a real difference in the short term and long term success of our charity

Seasonal volunteering activities

February              –            Winter pruning

May & June          –            Seasonal fruit thinning

July                        –            Cherry Harvest

August                  –            Plum Harvest

September &       –            Apple, Pear and
October                             Quince Harvest

November            –            Winter pruning

What our supporters say about Brogdale….

“All I have heard from the team all week what a fantastic time they had, how much they enjoyed being out side and what a wonderful place Brogdale is. The great part around those types of team days are outside of the working environment you really find out about each other as it is a far less pressured and certainly far more relaxing.

The amazing part for me was 9 of the party on Friday had never attended a community team day before but by the end of the day felt part of the team and are ready for the next one.

Having spoken to all involved last week and for with those who unfortunately had to miss out we would love to return next season and help out again, many thanks for allowing us to come down and enjoy the day.”
Mark McKenzie, National Grid

To find out more about employee volunteering days contact:

Corporate Volunteering Days
Fruit picking volunteers

The National Fruit Collection is one of the largest fruit collections in the world and is located at Brogdale Farm, near Faversham, Kent.

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