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Blossom Picnic at Brogdale

Dates: From 12th April

Places are very limited and all visitors will need a valid Orchard Pass

Pre-booking is essential, to reserve your picnic spot book here.

Maximum of 2 households or 6 people (incl. children) per booking (Rule of 6).

Picnic bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Remember to pre-book your Orchard Walk or Daily Orchard Tour for before or after your picnic.

Read our FAQ’s on the measures we have put in place to ensure everyone’s safety and to help you plan your visit.

Blossom Picnic; this spring Orchard Pass holders will be able to picnic under the cherry blossom throughout April & May.

The National Collection holds over 400 flowering cherry varieties with the added bonus of celebrating all the other blossoming fruit trees onsite including Apples, Pears, Quince and Plums in the collections 150 acres of orchards.

The blossom picnics are held in the ornamental orchard to maximise the blossom enjoyment. Along with the opportunity to picnic under the blooming trees, visitors can also take a guided tour led by one of our expert guides. The blossom tours will take you on a journey around the collections, discovering the seasonal highlights and peak blossom areas of the orchards. So perfect for the curious to learn about the collections or for aspiring photographers to grab those perfect shots of the blossom.

Bring along your homemade picnic or order & pick up a picnic hamper from local food hall, Macknade, just 5 minutes away.

Whilst the weather is not guaranteed to be fine, the element of chance adds to the delightful experience.

Thoughts on Hanami by Brogdale Tour Guide Alan Hayward, who has joined in with Hanami in Japan

The Japanese word ‘Hanami’ translates as ‘flower watching’.  The Hanami festival celebrates the blossom (sakura) and may have started life as a thanksgiving for previous harvests and hopes for the year to come.  However, over the years the event has become an annual Japanese celebration of Spring.

The celebration of cherry blossom is particularly poignant as it is briefly utterly fabulous, but then it is gone. Joyous for those who were able to celebrate it and a great shame for anyone who missed it. For the Japanese this is a metaphor for life – take the opportunity whilst it is there.

Predicting when the blossoms will make an appearance is very tricky and varies from year to year.  Spring may be early, or it may be late, so Hanami cannot be planned much in advance. When blossom arrives, those celebrating Hanami just go for it!

At Hanami time, a Japanese city is full of blossom. Roads are lined with avenues of cherry trees and even the tiniest garden may have a tree. Parks are often surrounded by huge trees in full blossom. In the countryside isolated cherry trees covered in blossom stand out against the otherwise dark forests.

To celebrate, the Japanese people will join a group of family, friends or work colleagues for a picnic under the trees. They will lay out a small tarpaulin and prepare snacks and drinks. Hanami is a great occasion to just chat or play simple games such as cards and maybe listen to some gentle music.

If, by chance, some blossom falls on you, it is a sign of good luck – although it is not done to shake the tree to encourage this. In some city parks there are so many wanting to picnic that the gates have to be closed and yet, even with so many people, the atmosphere is happy, relaxed and respectful of others. Afterwards participants clear up and go home or back to work and you wouldn’t know that 10,000 people had just been there.

Then, within a few days, the blossom is gone………until next Spring.

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The National Fruit Collection is one of the largest fruit collections in the world and is located at Brogdale Farm, near Faversham, Kent.

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