Fruit Identification

How to send your apple & pear sample for fruit identification

  • Download, print and complete the identification booking form below, please remember to send with your fruit.
  • Choose three ripe (not over ripe) fruit specimens and a shoot with representative foliage, all must be strong and healthy. The fruit should be in good condition as damaged, misshapen or poor specimens are very difficult to name. If possible the fruit should be mature and show the characteristic size shape and colour.
  • Number each variety alphabetically (if sending more than one) and keep a personal record from which plant it was taken, as fruits cannot be returned. Apples and Pears are best numbered on the skin with a ballpoint or permanent marker pen. DO NOT use sticky labels as these can become loose in the post.
  • Include as much history as possible about the fruit and tree and clearly mark your name, address, postcode and phone number and quote your membership number if applicable.
  • To avoid damage to fruit in transit please pack in a strong box with loose newspaper, bubble wrap etc. DO NOT use boxes that have previously held strong odour or pungent products such as soap, as these can mask characteristic aromas and scents held by the fruit.

Pay for your samples in advance online (£30 per variety)

Payment & Sending your samples

Payment can can be made online or by sending a cheque with your fruit
(made payable to Brogdale Collections).

Please do not send cash.

PLEASE NOTE: Samples that are sent and have not been paid for WILL NOT be identified or returned.

Send your parcel to:

Fruit Identification
Brogdale Collections,
Brogdale Farm,
Brogdale Road,
ME13 8XZ


The National Fruit Collection is one of the largest fruit collections in the world and is located at Brogdale Farm, near Faversham, Kent.

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