There's so much to learn!

Educational visits

We work with schools and education institutions, offering module days carefully tailored to the Key Stage 1 & 2 curriculum, giving children a fun and interactive day with practical demonstrations and experiences. Children can explore and learn in the environment of the National Fruit Collection, discovering its value as a resource as well as natures, insects and wildlife, evolution, fruit farming, food nutrition and climate.

As part of our fundraising activities we are able to support schools travel costs to enable you to visit Brogdale Collections and the National Fruit Collection. We want everyone to have the opportunity to experience the farm and learn about fruit farming, pollination, nature, climate & weather, healthy eating and more. If your school qualifies for support Brogdale Collections can pay the cost of your coach hire or train tickets.

Short Courses

Learn a new skill

Here at Brogdale Collections, we offer some of the best horticultural and rural courses run by experts from all over the South East of England. Experts in their field come to teach at Brogdale so it’s worth the trip to join our courses and learn valuable skills for living in the British countryside.

With a selection of half day or whole day courses covering country crafts, cider, beer and wine making, horticulture, foraging and bee keeping there’s so much to discover. Take a look at all of our short courses.

Half Term Days

Fun for your little ones

During Half Term kids can get up close with an impressive collection of Mega Bugs, including giant cockroaches, millipedes, devil stick insects and epic moths or join us for a bee walk around the orchards of the National Fruit Collection with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust and learn all about different species of bumblebee, pollination and fruit trees.

Visit the Orchards
Go on a self guided walk and explore the National Fruit Collection orchards with the children. See if you can spot anything interesting on the way.

Explore the Learning Lab!
Visit the Brogdale learning lab and find out more about nature in the orchards.

Weather Station

Learn about climate change

The fully interactive weather station lets children engage with measuring and observing the weather around them, how the climate around us works, teaches children how to gather climate data and what effects this weather has on the environment around us and the Brogdale fruit orchards.

The weather station is located near our existing official MET office weather station housed on site to monitor climatic conditions. The official MET office weather station has been based at Brogdale for many years and has even provided some record breaking temperature readings!

Brogdale Wildlife Garden

Explore nature here and learn about wildlife

The Garden for wildlife has been created to encourage wildlife to visit Brogdale. With a variety of different habitats, bug hotels and food all made to create a great environment for wildlife visitors.

Our garden provides a tranquil haven for insects, animals and birds alike. Wildlife gardens provide an essential platform to examine the changing cycles of species that visit the area and make the garden their home.

Get your Groove On in our Sound Garden

An outdoor space where children & adults can explore music and sound.

The World Music Garden has been designed to be used as an educational resource for schools, children and adults. The garden also enables access to music making by disabled & disadvantaged children and adults who can experience the sounds of the garden though the instruments vibrations.

The National Fruit Collection is one of the largest fruit collections in the world and is located at Brogdale Farm, near Faversham, Kent.

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