Lizzie Offen...

Now running her sustainable farm courses from the wonderful Lake Farm in Maidstone.

You may or may not of met Lizzie Offen; a regualar attendee of Brogdale events such as Easter and one of our much loved short-course leaders. 

chicken keeping course

About Lizzie

Lizzie lives and works on a small, family run farm, with generations of experience in rare breeds. Extremely passionate about her animals, she provides unique and enjoyable learning days with a focus on sustainability and self sufficiency. 

Lake Farm Days

Lizzie Offen runs the following courses at her family run farm, for more information contact Lizzie directly.
(Contact details below or find her on Facebook @ 'Lake Farm Days')

Pig Keeping

Learn how to keep happy, healthy pigs. Suitable for complete beginners, those with knowledge, or just as an alternative day out!

Wild Food Guide

Learn about the fare that nature's larder has to offer us. An introduction to the culinary, nutritional and medical benefits of wild plants.

Chicken Keeping

Learn all there is to know about keeping chickens at home. From choosing your hens to handling, inspecting, washing, clipping and of course egg laying.

Self Sufficiency & Sustainability

An introduction to living a more self-sufficient, sustainable lifestyle. Make the most of your resources wherever you are!

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