Cherry Blossom Orchard


Sponsor a tree planting

An exciting new initiative launched by Brogdale Collections

Sponsor the planting of an ornamental cherry blossom orchard at Brogdale Farm, home of the National Fruit Collection

Full details and sponsorship form can be found on the Cherry Blossom Orchard page here


Sponsor the planting of a cherry blossom orchard at Brogdale Farm, home of the National Fruit Collection

There’s something tranquil and heart-warming about a cherry tree laden with light, delicate blossom – this makes them perfect for an orchard created to provide a calm sanctuary and magical place for people to treasure and enjoy.

At a time when people are being encouraged to plant trees as part of the ‘Queen’s Tree-bilee’ – this initiative is a wonderful way to commemorate the Jubilee and play a part in reducing our nation’s carbon footprint.

Partnering with Brogdale Collections in this project supports all the aims and objectives of the charity, ensuring the National Fruit Collection remains accessible for public education and enjoyment.

About the project
Set in the heart of Kent, alongside orchards containing the National Fruit Collection, the Cherry Blossom Orchard will complement the existing fruit orchards that make up the largest collection of temperate fruit in the world.

To create the Ornamental Orchard – Brogdale Collections is planting 100 ornamental cherry trees and offering sponsorship opportunities for individuals or corporates to help make this dream a reality.*

Sponsoring a tree is a unique way to offset carbon footprints and help nurture the beauty and wildlife of this part of Kent.  Sponsorship will also assist this established charity continue its objectives of engaging the nation with fruit heritage and involving the public in its work.

Why sponsor a tree planting?
There are many reasons why people may wish to sponsor one of our tree plantings:

  • To commemorate the life of a loved one or valued colleague
  • As a memorable gift for a birthday, wedding or anniversary
  • As a way of offsetting carbon footprints
  • To mark a milestone 

Sponsorship details
The sponsorship package costs £1,000 and lasts five years to allow time for the ornamental trees to mature.  It includes:

  • Planting of one ornamental cherry tree selected from the 100 available with a personal plaque
  • Access to the Ornamental Orchard during existing opening hours with valid orchard passes
  • Free Orchard Passes for up to ten people for the term of the sponsorship (5 years)
  • Updates on the progress of the orchard throughout the year
  • The option for businesses to display the Cherry Blossom Orchard  logo on their website to demonstrate carbon offsetting
  • A beautifully presented Supporters’ Pack including a folder, certificate and passes
  • It is also possible to sponsor a commemorative bench – one off cost of £500

*Ornamental cherry trees are non fruit bearing

The National Fruit Collection is one of the largest fruit collections in the world and is located at Brogdale Farm, near Faversham, Kent.

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