Orchard Talks


We are pleased to re introduce our evening orchard talks at Brogdale Farm.

FREE for all Orchard Pass holders or £10.00 per person.

Confirmed dates: 10th April, 22nd May, 19th June, 24th July, 14th August, 20th November

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Orchard Talks at Brogdale

We are pleased to introduce this years evening orchard talks at Brogdale Farm as part of our objectives for delivering information and education of the National Fruit Collection. Our orchard talks will be on a variety of seasonal subjects and hosted by us (Brogdale Collections Charity) and eminent stakeholders/partners.


If you are already an Orchard pass holder then you can attend these evenings completely FREE of charge. Not yet an Orchard pass holder? Why not? This gives you even more of a reason to invest in becoming one. Still unsure?  Not to worry, you can still attend any of the following talks for just £10.00 per person (no concessions available).


An orchard walk is included with every talk, and there will also be fruit tastings when applicable.


Talks will start at 6.30pm promptly and be finished by 8pm (unless stated otherwise) .

What a wonderful summer evening well spent!


Orchard Talks Programme 2024

10th April – Ornamental Cherries ****CANCELLED*****

22nd May – Insect Pheromones in Crop and Orchard Protection

19th June – Summer Pruning

24th July – Cherries and Plums

14th August – An Alternative View of the National Fruit Collection – Prompted with Avian Flavours

September date TBC – Buying and Planting a Fruit Tree

October date TBC – Winter Pruning Large Trees

20th November – Tree Propagation – 6pm start


What to Expect?

Ornamental Cherries – 10th April – Chris Lane 

From the delicate blossom of Prunus avium to the striking hues of Prunus serrulate, Belgium is more than frites and mussels – it is a tapestry of botanical beauty waiting to be explored!

Chris Lane runs Witch Hazel Nursery in Kent. There are five National Plant Collections, maintained on the nursery: Hamamelis, Wisteria, Flowering Cherries, Amelanchiers and Parrotia. Chris has worked in professional horticulture all his life, in nurseries as a propagator and at management level. He taught nursery stock (stock?) production at Hadlow College in Kent, firstly as an instructor and then as a lecturer. Chris served at committee level for the Great Britain and Ireland region of the International Plant Propagators Society, becoming President in 1992.


Insect Pheromones in Crop and Orchard Protection – 22nd May – Mark Downham

Mark provides an introduction to pheromones in insects and how they can be harnessed to control insect pests of orchards and other crops. Illustrated with examples drawn from his past professional research in tropical agricultural pests, before considering the use of pheromones in UK orchards for forestry pests.


Summer Pruning – 19th June – John Easton 

Why and when do you summer prune fruit trees? Is accuracy important in making the secateur cuts? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this pruning system? The evening will include a demonstration of pruning and ways in which you can control excessive water shoot growth.


Cherries and Plums – 24th July – Matt Ordidge

The cherry and plum collections at Brogdale have both recently been repropagated. Scientific Curator, Dr Matthew Ordidge will talk through the process of repropagating collections, including the use of DNA fingerprinting to check that all of the new trees are present and correct. Dr Matt Ordidge is the Scientific Curator of the National Fruit Collection at Brogdale.


An Alternative View of the National Fruit Collection – Prompted with Avian Flavours – 14th August – Mike Rosa 

What’s in a name?  An eclectic mix of horticulture and other interests to provide an alternative view of the National Fruit Collection – prompted with avian flavours.

Mike has been a tour guide at Brogdale Collections for 22 years and previously worked in management in Fruit Growers Cooperative. He has a lifelong interest in birds and is a member of the Kent Ornithological Society and Faversham Natural History Society.


Buying and Planting a Fruit Tree – September date TBC – John Easton

Learn the knowledge and skills to successfully purchase, plant and care for fruit trees.


Winter Pruning Large Trees – October date TBC – John Easton

Learn the how to effectively prune large fruit trees in winter to promote their health, safety and longevity.


Tree Propagation – 20th November (6pm start) – David Morrice

Discover the process of creating new trees from existing ones.


Please remember to bring your valid pass and photo ID when attending the course free of charge.

Bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable.


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Orchard Talks

10th April – Ornamental Cherries, 22nd May – Insect Pheromones, 19th June – Summer Pruning, 24th July – Cherries and Plums, 14th August – Alternative view of the NFC, 20th November – Tree Propagation

The National Fruit Collection is one of the largest fruit collections in the world and is located at Brogdale Farm, near Faversham, Kent.

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