Work with Brogdale Collections – Trustee Vacancy

Brogdale Collections Charity are looking for a new trustee to work with us and join the board of trustees.

Brogdale Collections work as a charity to help the public access the National Fruit Collection by working to provide guided orchard tours, special education days aimed at Key stage 1 & 2 school groups, our new educational weather station and special event days.

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Brogdale Honey now available

The five hives at Brogdale are doing extraordinarily well and we have made 20lbs of Brogdale Honey, now available from our shop in the Brogdale marketplace!

Having arrived as nuclei (small bee colonies) in early April, all of the colonies have built rapidly – despite the variable weather – and we have even extracted our first honey. Although the harvest was not huge, it was important to extract what we could, as the bees had been foraging on oil seed rape, the honey from which crystallizes in the combs very fast.


Why do we graft?

If you are lucky enough to germinate and nurture a fruit tree seed you cannot be sure what variety it will become.

There are only two ways of ensuring that a variety of fruit can be truly replicated.

One is to take a cutting (called a graft) and plant it in the earth. This will be a true replica of the Apple_tree_graftingvariety but will take quite a long time to grow and become fruitful and will also grow to the normal height of that variety, which generally means a fairly large tree.

The National Fruit Collection is one of the largest fruit collections in the world and is located at Brogdale Farm, near Faversham, Kent.

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